provides classes MONDAY TO THURSDAY
    09.30 - 14.00 / 9am - 2pm (UK timezone).

    Please also see our Timezone Programme for families who live too far away from Europe to attend all our live classes.


    There are THREE Lessons a day, and two Breaks:
    09.30 - 10.30 Lesson 1. (9.30-10.30 am UK).
    10.30 - 11.00 BREAK.
    11.00 - 12.00 Lesson 2. (11 -12 am UK)
    12.00 - 13.00 LONG BREAK.
    13.00 - 14.00 Lesson 3. (1 -2pm UK)
    14.00 - 15.30 Homework Class Mon, Tues. if necessary. (2 -3.30pm UK).

    Obviously students who live in certain timezones cannot attend these times: mainly the USA and Canada. We are looking at a solution for this. A student whose lifestyle includes trips to the USA timezones can be supplied with lesson transcripts for the duration of their trip.

    -0 HOMEWORK is set every day, Monday to Thursday.
    Normally the homework set is due in by the following midnight.
    Junior students' homework is 45 mins. per subject.
    Intermediates 1 hour each. Exam students 1 hour and a half.
    There can be two homework items to do on one day especially for the higher level students.
    All work MUST be sent in by Friday midnight. If work is not sent in the student goes to Homework Class for supervised work and help after classes end.

    On Monday, and if necessary Tuesday, 13.00 - 15.30 there is supervised homework session for all students with overdue work.
    This is NOT a replacement for parental supervision of ordinary current work.
    It is to ensure that students who have been absent, or resistant, or had problems with the work, get their work done from the previous week. The family schedule needs to make due allowance for this supervised session.
    Families in the Far East timezone can have special arrangements so the child's bedtimne is not pushed too late.

    All homework must still b e completed if the student is absent except if the absence is three days or longer, which is notified in writing by the parent.
    Lesson transcripts are supplied to help, and teachers can also give brief mini-tutorials.
    Work can be cancelled only in the case of serious crisis; or where a student is on the Restricted Programme with a notified low health day or period.
    Exam students must complete all work regardless of absence or crisis, because an exam paper will not accept an answer about absence!

    Parents can see exactly what work a student is set to do, and whether they have done it or not. This is shown on a private, protected web page which the parent can see at any time they wish.
    The information updates as soon as work is set, sent in, or marked.
    The parent can also click open the work to see how the student did it, or read the teacher's comments on what was done well, and what needs more attention.

    We are strict about homework. But every possible help is provided. We are friendly, patient and supportive. Transcripts of the actual lesson are provided to help if necessary.

    We are available to help with homework on all weekdays until 19.00 (7pm) UK timezone, plus during the long breaks provided for support contact during the school day.

    Please note if a student elects to take less than the full timetable of subjects there is no reduction in fees. This can be due to the Restricted Programme for personal or health reasons; opting out of a language; selection of exam subjects.

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