1. Snowflake-mini.png WINTER TERM 2017: 11-12 weeks.
    TUES Jan 3. (Opening Day) at 11.00.
    Classes W1 MON 9 JAN IGCSE exams./ W2 Mon 16/ W3 Mon 24/ W4 Mon 31;/ Exam reg. deadline May sessions: Mon 6 Feb. W5 Mon 13 FEB; W6 Mon 20 FEB;
    HALF TERM: Mon Feb 20. Classes reopen Mon Feb 27, 9.30.
    W6 Mon 27/ W7 Mon MAR 6.
    [Exam results March] W9 Mar 13; W10 Mar 20; W11 Mar 27;
    Exam tutorials
    Revision weeks for May exams
    END OF STANDARD CLASSES Fri 31 March: 12.00 midday (UK).

    Spring.png STUDENTS SPRING HOLIDAY 3 weeks.
    Standard students holiday: 3 weeks beginning Mons.Apr 3/ 10/17.
    First College closes Mon 17 Apr - Sun 23 April inclusive. Email only.

    SUMMER TERM 2017 : 10 weeks.
    Mon 24 April at 11.00 (Admin meeting) 13.00 (First lesson)
    CLASSES Mon 24 April at 11.00 (Admin meeting) 13.00 (First lesson)
    Mons. W1 24/04; W2 *TUES May 2;W3 08/05; IGCSE May exam sessions. W4 15/05; W5 22/04.
    HALF TERM WEEK: Mon 29 May. Classes restart Mon June 5th, 9.30.
    W6 05/06; W7 12/06; W8 19/06 W9 26/06; W10 03/07.
    END OF CLASSES Fri July 7.
    Please note if you wish to leave at the end of this term your month's notice must reach us in writing by June 1st, and be confirmed by reply; or you will be liable for a notice month's payment. This does not apply to exam students who have completed all exams.

    Summer2.png SUMMER HOLIDAY
    The school continues to run actively through all ‘holiday weeks’ except one week Midwinter and Spring, and two weeks in August. Necessary duties include software overhaul and redesign, help guides editing, syllabus adjustment, staff training, personal support for families, new families assistance, exam revision support, private tutorials, and general admin.

    Autumn.png AUTUMN TERM 2017
    AUTUMN TERM 2017: 12 weeks. Mon Sept. 12. (Opening Day) at 11.00.
    Snowflake-mini.png STUDENTS WINTER HOLIDAY 3 weeks.
    Standard students holiday weeks
    First College closes ----- inclusive. Email contact only.
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