1. British Dyslexia Association
    Advice, support and local groups UK.
    Bullying Online
    Direct help. Charity, part of the National Grid for Learning.
    Edexcel International
    IGCSE exam specifications.
    Education Otherwise
    Network of support for home educators. Legal advice.
    FASO False Allegations Support Organisation
    Support for families under stress with Child Protection due to mistakes. Helpline.
    Get Connected
    Free, confidential help for young people not sure who to ask
    HEAS Home Education Advisory Service
    Long established advisory service for home education UK. Legal information.
    HE Special
    Email list for those educating children with special needs.
    Human Scale Education
    Advises on small schools and other initiatives which support human scale values in education.
    Advice on young people's safety.
    National Association for Gifted Children
    Help and advice for families with gifted children; local clubs and publications.
    (Government) Financial Help for over 16s
    Advice for young people. Read others' stories.
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