1. Our school Contract is with the parent of the child.
    Full details are sent to you as a new family when you enquire. They are also on the private school website to inspect whenever you wish.

    The legal status of a First College student is 'home educated.'
    This section is about home education aka homeschooling.

    -0 Home Education the UK is completely legal.
    In other countries the position varies but we have had students from Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, several eastern European countries, North Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and India, Russia, China, and the Far East, without problems.

    -0 Home Education UK

    According to the Education Act 1996 Section 7
    "A parent has the right to educate their child by sending them to school, or otherwise."

    -0 You do not have to ask anyone's permission UNLESS -
    a) you live in Scotland;
    b) or your child attends a Special School. This does not mean being statemented and attending an ordinary school.
    Permission may not be refused without good reason.

    -0 If your child has been attending a school in England or Wales they are registered at that school.
    To home educate you must "de-register" them (end the registration).

    You write a letter notifying the school your child is leaving on a certain date.
    The date can be the date shown at the top of the letter.
    You are not required to attend meetings at the school, or fill out forms.
    You are not required to explain or answer questions (by the school).
    You can ask us for a "template letter" from us to use if you like.

    It is crucially important that you DO write your 'deregistration' letter giving the date of your child's last day at the school AND that you send it by registered post from the post office so you have proof of posting.
    If you really prefer to take it in, get a receipt.
    Note new regulations are being developed in Wales 2013.

    There is NO deregistration to do if -
    - your child completes primary school (July of the year they become or will become 11).
    Here you do not need to notify the school of deregistration because the child will automatically be deregistered.
    - or the child has returned or arrived from abroad so they are not registered at a UK school.

    If your child is registered at a UK school, and the two cases above do not fit you, and you child is absent without permission from the school, you are at risk of serious legal proceedings against you.
    Do NOT ignore this as truancy procedures are deeply distressing, not least to your child. Make sure you ave permission for absence, or your child is de-registered from the school because you wrote your de-registration letter AND you have proof of it.

    -0 After your child has deregistered from their old school, you will in due course be contacted by The Education Authority.
    This is normally by letter giving a date for them to visit you.
    It can arrive immediately, or it can take weeks or months to arrive.

    If it arrives immediately it is perfectly reasonable to reply, requesting a period of time to get used to the change, and put in place your education plans. Requesting a few weeks or anything up to three months is acceptable.
    If the date given clashes with a medical appointment, or a very important event in the family, you are entitled to write a reply offering a period of time e.g. a few days, a week, a fortnight, in which you know you will be free to receive a visit.
    Similarly if the time specified for the visit falls during our school day Mon - Thurs before 14.00 (UK) or you have any other educational or health event booked, you should reply explaining the clash disrupts the child's education or health needs.
    If it is a clash with our classes kindly request an appointment after 14.30 on Mon - Thurs, or during Friday,l if during term time. We do not approve of students being deliberately distracted during their classes.

    -0 The Education Authority has a reasonable aim. They want to see that your child is receiving an education "suitable to their age and ability." The education provided also has to equip the child to cope with mainstream society, not hide them away so much that they could not cope with the main areas of society.
    We have without exception, always had Education Authorities very pleased indeed with the education we provide. They generally say that they are actually surprised and impressed by the results we achieve, both academically and in terms of social attitudes.
    Once the Education Authority can see your child is healthy in their surroundings, working with a weekly timetable of academic lessons with teachers, with homework being completed, and you can show the child's Report on our website plus examples of work, there is no problem.

    -0 IMPORTANT NOTE. We fully support a parent's ability to home educate without using services such as ours. Home education achieves marvellous results because parent love and attention is the most important thing of all to education and life success. This is shown by hard solid research.Children flourish on personal attention which ordinary school teachers are too busy to give in the huge classes they handle.

    A parent does not need to be well educated themselves to home educate very well. In fact highly educated parents need to learn a different set of skills.
    Parents do not need to know and understand all the work the student has to do. They do need to give plenty of time to finding resources, organising activities, and giving lots of direct personal attention - especially praise.

    -0 Parents value our services as their education partner because they can be too busy or exhausted simply from making a living to home educate completely by themselves.
    They may feel very unhappy and daunted by the size of the task over several years, and no amount of reassurance is going to overcome that any time soon.
    They may be drained by a health problem of their own or another's in the family, such as the older generation, or a disabled child.
    Many tell us that spanning a large age gap as a home educator is toug. It's more comfortable for us to work with the older child or children, while parents work with the younger one/s.
    Parents most of all value working in a partnership with us so they can plunder our experience. We have been talking with parents about their young people for many years, so we can pass on what we have learned from all those parents, as well as waht we have worked out ourselves.
    Another reason why an education partner can be welcome is to keep time with children mainly for being parents, rather than be educators as well.

    -0 The choice in the end, is yours.

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