1. Our booking procedure is just three steps.
    Talk to us. Do a questionnaire. Make a first payment.

    A student cannot go forward to do their personal introduction, or attend classes until all three booking steps are completed.

    Talking to us is incredibly important for many reasons. Of course you will have questions and you need to find out if our services suit you. We both need to understand each other if we are to work together. Communication is the core of our education partnership.
    So we'll answer any questions in your email and try to call you to talk because there are always more questions.
    You are welcome to telephone us up to 7pm (19.00 UK) weekdays.
    Telephone: 01633 853693 (UK) 44 1633 853693 (International)
    You can talk and email with us as much as you need to. There is no ration :) We completely understand that this is a big decision which causes anxiety.
    We want you to check things as thoroughly as you like - and if necessary decide not to join us.

    When we reply to your enquiry by email we'll attach our Questionnaire for you to complete, and a copy of our contract.
    You need to fill out the Questionnaire and return it the same way we send it to you as an email attachment. ;)

    To complete your booking you need to make your first payment.
    If you are starting within one month you need to pay the £100 registration fee,
    and your first one month's instalment £220.

    There is a substantial discount for a second child:
    £187 a month (15% less) instead of £220.

    If you are booking ahead more than a month or more you can just pay the £100 registration fee, to guarantee your place.
    We send you full details of how Fees work by email attachment..
    To translate a payment to another currency try http://www.xe.com/ucc/

    You can pay by bank transfer or Paypal. Details on how to pay are sent to you by email usually in our first email to you.

    If you decide to leave after trying it out with us, and discussing any problems, you do not need to give us a month's notice.
    Notice to withdraw must arrive by 30 days after attendance begins, or you will be liable for the standard one month's notice.

    After completing all three steps of your Booking, your student has a Personal Introduction session. The parent/s can help, or watch, so they can see what it is like to go to school.
    The Personal Introduction takes about one hour. It is arranged at a time of day which suits you and us.
    It includes looking at the classrooms to see how they work, and setting up two small programs on your computer which you will need. The student can ask any questions they like.
    They will then feel familiar and confident about going to classes. They will be able to keep in touch from then on, by the private Messenger service they install during the Personal Introduction.
    The Personal Introduction is usually done on Monday afternoon/ or early evening Monday (UK) .
    The student starts their first full school day with us on a Tuesday, or if the first day of term Monday.

    Please note the Personal Introduction is not a complete tour of the school. That would take too long! It covers exactly what the student needs for their first few days. There is more help and training after that which we provide stage by stage as you need it.

    The Personal Introduction is not a "free trial." We would not DREAM of allowing all kinds of curious people to traipse into the school just to 'have a look.' That would be a serious security risk for your children. It would also disrupt lessons if done during classes as a newcomer naturally wants to know how things work so needs to ask newcomer questions of a teacher.
    We also do not find it acceptable for our properly booked families to pay for staff time to conduct tourist type tours for a lot of other people to look around. But the most important thing is securely protecting access to our students via our software.
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