1. Video edited by First College student Jason Fisher, with thanks.
    -0 LIVE interactive SMALL classes for age 10 - 18.
    Normal class size between 7 - 12,
    to a maximum of 15.
    Skilled, caring teachers. Teacher student ratio 1:5.
    -0 MON - THURS Timetable
    3 X 1 hour lessons daily: 09.30 -14.00 (UK time).
    Also a special Timezone service if you live in the USA or another faraway timezone.

    -0 Generous hours for parent contact Mon - Thurs 9.30 - 7pm (UK) Fri - 5pm.
    Students can also contact via instant messenger to get help. Emails are answered usually same day, or next day if it arrives late in the day.
    -0 Classes and homework provided via the internet.
    NO fancy software needed! No hidden extras, no books to buy until exams.
    -0 Expert caring teachers with LOTS of personal attention. We see social skills as important as study skills because social skills are a major part of growing up, but also because they are essential to orderly lessons.
    -0 We have 97% homework completion.
    IGCSE exam results A* A, B or C, with a few Ds.
    -0 FEES £2,200 a year ~ can be paid monthly. £184 for 12 months from July;
    OR £220 if you start later on in the year after July (that's 1/10 of the year fee) from Sept. or any later month.
    Once you are on the July start of year payments your fees will NEVER go up! if fees go up.
    DISCOUNT second child 25%.

    An individualised secondary level education, in the classic British tradition,
    for English speaking students of any culture.
    It's like my old fashioned village school (in the picture) but with modern computer methods. What matters most is how the people do it, not the technology.

    For more QUICK INFO/ FAQ see this page.

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