1. For some there is a natural attraction and pleasure in exploring the past. Others find it far less fun. Many of the second group are understandably bored by dates, kings, adult preoccupations. At the more junior levels especially we need to meet the child where their interests lie, in the dramatic side of life, and frankly its dirtier or funnier aspects!

    It is said that those who have not studied history are doomed to repeat it. Certainly any understanding of how human society works needs a grasp of how people in groups move through events and change as a result. Later studies in history take a more serious approach along these lines.
    In the current condition of our societies it is especially urgent that we are aware of how financial crisis has not only happened before, but how it was first handled badly with dangerous results, and then solved by different methods.

    Care is taken in this subject in dealing with religious and moral issues. We train students to respect a different point of view even if they do not like it. The distinction between disliking the idea while still respecting the person who holds it, is central.

    All materials necessary are provided throughout
    except books at exam level.

    class FC blue star.png FIRST CLASS (Junior + Assessment class)
    At this level history is best taught in a colourful way, with emphasis on oddities and personalities.
    Our courses have been designed by a young teacher who is graduate of First College itself. He brings a sharp and lively approach which new students find refreshing.

    Course I looks at the tribal peoples of Britain before and during the Roman occupation, and in the 'Dark Ages.' The mediaeval period with its popular knightly society is explored. The Tudors are explored as the dramatic British dynasty which founded the shape of "Great Britain" to come.
    Course II looks at a selection of striking historical persons of very different types, from Cleopatra to Nelson.
    Course III (in preparation) looks at a child's life in widely different historical ages and cultures, including the present, showing how technology governs our way of life.

    class SENIORS star.png SENIORS (Intermediate)
    The higher levels of history are taught by one of our most expert teachers who brings a strong academic background in politics and economics to the subject.
    At this intermediate level history is explored more systematically, focusing on the modern period of the last few centuries. Issues of war, economics, the 'great man' explanation, feminist history, city and country life and how it has changed, are examples of topics. Other issues are based around major historical change, such is railways, sewers or the internet and how they have revolutionised human life.
    One successful project on this course looked at the history of the places where each student in the class lived. This was extremely popular.
    This level of teaching history changes quite often depending on the students who are in the class. Topic requests are always welcome.

    class SCHOLARS green star.png SCHOLARS (IGCSE Exams)
    At this level we prepare for the IGCSE exams.
    The selected topics are -
    - the French Revolution and Napoleon;
    - the Russian Revolution and Lenin;
    - Short paper option: 20thC War.

    The student must learn to write well organised essays in the strict style we have already trained at lower levels. At this level we also teach timing in exams.
    Our IGCSE History group is an especially exciting and advanced class which typically gains the very top grades.
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