Everyone starts school at 09.30 (UK) - unless they are on our Timezone programme because they are too far away from Europe to attend all our live classes.

    Everyone logs into the school website using their password.

    (You will do this first of all with a teacher as a personal guide, to help you at your individual introduction.)

    On the right the student can see who is there with them in their class.
    In the big centre area the student can see the lesson with its discussion, pictures or video..
    At the bottom the student can type something to say, and send it to the shared conversation which everyone in the class sees. This is very efficient as it creates an automatic record of the lesson, and helps everyone have their say in an orderly way.
    We can also speak with voice using microphones for language classes and occasionally for other lessons; or watch videos. (Students can interact by voice and webcam on a social basis as well.)


    There is plenty of discussion, and lots of questions. It is very lively and personal! so we do a lot of education on social skills.

    Additionally a student can contact a teacher privately in an extra small box. You can see one of these on the right. This is useful for new, and shy students.
    The teacher can also contact students privately the same way to give help or discipline. Private chats mean the class can be highly individualised, yet work as a group.

    Of course it helps that we limit class size.
    Normally a class is 8 - 12 students, with an absolute maximum of 15.

    Classes last one hour each, three classes a day with long breaks to encourage leaving the computer and refreshing the brain.

    Classes end at 14.00 (UK) / 2pm. If you live east of the UK your school day will start and end at a later time.

    You can see information about the weekly Timetable HERE.


    After lessons for the day finish there is homework to do.

    Homework is done in word processor documents, and sent in through a special system rather like email, on our private school website. The teacher marks it and you receive an email telling you the homework is marked and ready for you to check it over.

    Parents can check exactly what work a student has to do, whether work was sent in or not, and when it has been marked you can see the grade and comments given. This is all laid out clearly on a private webpage only open to the student, their teachers and their family. It changes instantly as soon as work is set, sent in or marked.

    Here's what part of a Report looks like.


    In the picture you can see red markers for work To Do, blue for work Sent. Other work has been Marked so it shows as a pearly marker and its grade.

    There is also a section for notes on any important event in the student's educational life such as illness, discipline problems, particular achievements and moving up a level.

    -0 PRIVATE MESSENGER (IM) As well as the classroom communication during the school day, teachers and students can contact each other on a (private) Messenger service.

    This means we can all see who is online right now, and chat with them to sort out any problems quickly and easily. The Messenger is also useful for making friends. So the school services do not stop when classes finish. We are here to help until 7pm (UK) and other students are often online later.


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