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    -0 Dispute.
    If a parent or student disagrees with how we do things, or is frustrated, distressed or annoyed, please CONTACT US. We cannot fix what we do not know about.
    Very often we CAN fix it if you tell us, and it can be fairly straightforward to do.
    If the problem is with one of the Heads of School, the other will do their best to help you resolve matters.
    If our own efforts to resolve matters are unsuccessful we might suggest an external mediator.
    The aim is at all times to care for the student in a respectful way, within the limits imposed by having other students to care for as well.

    -0 Closing out a student.

    A student may be instantly closed out of class briefly, or for a longer period, if the teacher in charge, or the school Heads consider their behaviour disrupts a lesson, distresses others, causes a security risk, or in any way threatens the wellbeing of other students or the school.
    If this happens it will if possible be preceded by advice or warning. It will afterwards be explained to the student concerned. We will provide written guidance to educate the young person about what is expected of them.

    A student's account with us may be placed on probation, or terminated, at the discretion of the Heads of School. Reasons might be Plagiarism, aggression however unintentional, disruptiveness, poor social skills, or persistent refusal to follow requirements for education or peaceful community.
    The situation will always be explained in writing and where possible we will attempt mediation and a solution. Where we feel no constructive solution is possible the Heads reserve the right of final decision for the good of the school as a whole.

    Persistent refusal to complete homework.
    We are very familiar with homework refusal in incoming students. We have been very successful at breaking the pattern with a combination of friendliness, patience and strength. However we are not miracle workers.
    We cannot make a student do their work if there is no parent support, or parent support is very patchy and unreliable. Young people under 18 can rarely manage deadlines for work. They need coaxing, encouraging, and nagging: in other words supervision by adults.
    An older student who flatly refuses to work can only be retrained by extreme measures. If the parent is unwilling to do what is necessary then we can do nothing.
    Ultimately if we are not given the support we need to do our part, there is no prospect of success.
    If there is no significant progress after two terms we reserve the right to close down the account and give the place to another family.

    It is sometimes extremely difficult for a young person to handle themselves responsibly during the period of a month's notice. The young person begins to disconnect from the school psychologically, so they do not perceive its requirements as important, as they did before. If this causes disruption or distress, to the student themselves or to others, the Heads reserve the right of final decision on closing the student out of school. Refund is unlikely as we do not see it as appropriate to reward difficult behaviour; however in genuine crisis we will always try to be supportive.

    -0 Privacy of data.
    Your personal data is not circulated to the teachers. They are told the age, and location of your child, and a very brief description of one sentence or so, containing key facts, based on your Questionnaire. This covers matters like health, where support is needed, and your chosen aims of study.
    Where we need to notify teachers of a problem of a sensitive nature, we phrase it in general terms. For example we would not put 'depression' on record; instead we would show 'Personal issues' indicating patience is needed.
    The rest of the data in your Questionnaire is never uploaded to the internet in any way. It is only passed between the two Heads of School by a local key drive. This is not carried about outside or taken on trips.
    Personal data is not made available to any person or organisation outside the school, unless commanded to do so officially by law.

    If you wish to know what we hold on file about your child, or you, please ask. Almost all of it is openly available to you in your child's Workbook, and your email exchanges/ forum notifications.

    -0 Security
    We maintain a high level of protective security for the students.

    The actual school does not operate on this public website.
    It is held on a different website under a different name. It is constructed so as not to be obvious that it is used by young people, if anyone finds it accidentally.
    Teachers, students and parents must log in to access the contents.

    Direct emails are not used inside the school.
    Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking website is not used.
    Families' telephone numbers are never given to staff or students by us.
    Teachers are not permitted to contact families direct.
    Any family member attempting to contact another student in the school using their own student's account, will have their family's status suspended immediately.

    We NEVER allow outsiders into the school just to 'have a look.' This would be a major breach of security as such tourist visitors could then analyse our system and how to gatecrash it. Knowing that there are undesirable persons who want access to young people online just as they do in ordinary schools and youth centres, we only allow entry to our staff and registered students.

    However we cannot guarantee 100% security. Just like a building however careful and strict we are a really determined intruder could possibly get in.
    We can say that there has not been a security breach in the history of the school, and it would take a fairly clever person to do one.

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