1. See next page for Dispute; Closing out a student; Privacy of Data; and Security.

    -0 Booking a place requires 3 steps on your part:
    1. Talk to us by phone,
    2. Send back the questionnaire in the same format we sent it by email attachment;
    2. Pay £100 admin fee. If booking for this month pay £100 + £220.
    (plus £100 + £187 for second child).

    Your Contract with us begins when
    you make your first payment,
    or you make use of our software, whichever is the first to occur.

    [IMG] New students.
    New students receive a Personal Introduction of up to an hour or more to ensure they are comfortable using the software resources to attend classes, and can keep in touch to get help by Messenger.
    All students begin in our junior level class "First Class." This is for orientation and assessment. An capable student who has been well educated, can go through assessment very ast and move up.
    During your first week we will provide especially clear information on what you are expected to do.

    -0 Computer and Software.
    It is our responsibility to provide classes and homework services via the internet and software. We have an excellent record of doing so reliably, with an average of only one or two lessons a term which cannot be run. This is out of a total provided of about 30 lessons a week, so 300 or more a term.

    It is your responsibility to provide your student/s with a working computer and software so they can use our services. We will try to be helpful if you have computer problems but we are not computer consultants, and cannot take responsibility for your computer.

    The computer used for school work and contacts, must be Windows, XP or higher with a headset and microphone.
    It must have a browser such as Firefox and protective software to keep the computer clean and functional. A student who seems to have introduced a virus, trojan or hack into the school will immediately have their account closed.
    All staff and students are required to use Atlantis Word Processor for compatibility reasons so as to be able to read each others' files.
    All staff and students must keep their Messenger service active during 'school hours.' (Mon - Thurs 09.30 - 14.30 UK) to enable efficient communication.
    If away or using a different computer these two programmes can always be downloaded from the GO page.

    -0 Contact.
    A student can contact us
    - on our private Messenger service,
    - in classrooms,
    - via their personal Workbook for messages,
    or by telephone up to 7pm (19.00 UK) on weekdays.
    Parents can contact us by email,
    or telephone up to 7pm (19.00 UK) on weekdays.

    TELEPHONE 01633 853693 (UK) 44 1633 853693 (International)

    Parents may not use the student Messenger service to discuss an issue with a teacher. Teachers' skills are about understanding the needs of students. they are not trained or experienced in dealing with parents and their many anxieties. The exchange could too easily become fraught and cause offence.
    Parents may not use the student Messenger service to contact other students. To another family a parent is a 'stranger adult' and could cause alarm if contact is made with their child.

    -0 Absence
    Absence should be notified to us, in advance if possible, in writing. (email)
    We can then issue a transcript of a lesson to support homework completion.

    We respect the authority of a parent to decide about absence from school for medical, educational, artistic, semi-professional, or major family reasons.
    We do require to be notified in writing.

    If an absence is for one or two days only, all homework must still be completed although we can arrange extended time to do it. The student is sent a transcript, and may also request extra help.
    An absence of three days or more can involve Cancelled work.
    However this is very unlikely on the Exam Programme as the exam room does not recognise "I was absent" as an adequate answer to an exam question.

    Restricted Programme. There can be greater flexibility than this for Restricted Programme students.

    -0 Moving Up and Exams.
    A student moves up a class, including on to the Exam Programme, based on ability, not age.
    We assess students regularly for how much they can do. We welcome requests for an assessment report which will be put on file in the student's Workbook.
    But a student may stick in a lower level class for a long time if they refuse to learn basic study skills, or if the family cannot make it a priority to help them so so. Completing homework every week is a major case in point.

    Study plans, and Exam Programmes are agreed three ways between student, parent/s, and the Heads of School.
    We are willing to be flexible and sympathetic unless we see that
    - a student is being asked to carry too much in their general studies;
    - a student is trying to take on an unrealistic Exam Programme.
    In such cases we may opt to withdraw our support.

    -0 LEAVING requires one month's notice.
    This applies to all students EXCEPT -
    - a new family who notifies us of withdrawal, in writing, on or before 30 days after their Contract begins; and
    - a student who completes their Exam Programme.
    Note there is no automatic end to your Contract at the end of any term, even if your child is now 16. You must notify us in writing, by the first working day of the month to have that month apply as your notice month. For example to leave at the end of the Summer Term we must receive notice b y June
    Notification of leaving must be confirmed by us in a reply email to prove it has been received.

    Please see detailed instructions in the Fees section or on the FEES guide we send you while you are booking. There are a few small extra charges depending on your individual needs but none are very much to pay.

    See next page for Dispute; Closing out a student; Privacy of Data; and Security.
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