1. First College UK is a family project which we created because we could not find anything good enough for our own son.
    It is like an old fashioned village school but using very modern technology.

    We were experienced teachers in all kinds of areas over 30 years of working life. We'd been teaching online for about 6 years by then. Shan had qualified Cert. OET from University of London (1999-2000), and John had used online teaching in his work as an Open University lecturer. It seemed logical to use our online experience to help our child and others.

    The lucky boy who had a whole school created just for him went on to gain good grades at IGCSE. He is now studying part time BA Philosophy University of London.
    He began teaching under training supervision when he was only 16! Now he teaches part time and assists with administration in the school. It's a real family concern.

    All teachers are UK based.
    Teaching ratio is about 1: 5.
    All teachers have university level education, and all except two have postgraduate level research or qualifications. Most have Cert PGCSE but we do not rely entirely on conventional qualifications. We want a lot more than that, real dedication, an ability to respect and understand young people, capacity to work independently yet to consider others in a small working team. Then there's software and the far more intense nature of online lessons. It's a tough call being an online teacher.

    Here's the list of our teaching team and what we each do.
    SHAN Head. New students and family support. Software research & systems. Teacher training. English Supervisor all levels, assisted by Tal and Kartik. Exam programme.
    JOHN Head. Legal backup. IGCSE History. Maths Consultant. Seniors History, Seniors & Junior Maths. Philosophy & Society. Troubleshooting.
    TAL Morgan.Admin. New students Introductions. Homework Supervisor. Software admin and student support. Seniors English. Junior English, Geography & History. Philosophy & Society.
    BRAD Exam Programme. IGCSE Maths, IGCSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics. IGCSE IT&Computers,. IGCSE & Seniors Geography.
    SUSIE Languages. French & Spanish programmes to IGCSE.
    KARTIK Seniors & Juniors Science. English seminar. Teaching cover.

    ... like an old fashioned village school but using modern technology
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