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    What really makes education work is the partnership between parent/s and close family, and the school. That means you need to be able to talk with us quickly and easily to sort anything out, find out more information, and make your education decisions.

    We provide generous 'office hours.'
    You can talk to us directly by telephone 09.30 - 19.00
    (that's 9.30 - 7pm UK).
    Friday until 17.00 (5pm).

    You will almost always talk to the same person as your familiar contact.
    So there is no bouncing around a switchboard, nor trying to trace who said what to whom. Nor do your enquiries and concerns get bogged down by meetings or procedures.
    If Shan who deals with family contact, is teaching when you call, she will call you back a little later, in 30 mins to an hour's time.
    Rarely, when not at her desk, your message will reach her within one hour to call you back, or at a time you say is best for you.

    Students can contact to get help in the same range of hours by private instant messenger, for homework help, software support, or general personal advice and encouragement.
    Students can also contact other students almost any time, the same way.

    Email will be answered fast. Normally we answer the same day but if received late in the day or evening it might reply the following day.
    Some emails are less urgent so if we're extra busy such as start of term, or exam periods, we might answer a less urgent email within 48 hours.

    It would be unusual for something not to be sorted out within a week. Very often things are fixed or cleared the same day, or the next day. Getting things sorted quickly stops them growing into bigger issues. If we do need more time we would tell you so, and why.

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